00:33 : "A 7-year-old is sitting on a park bench eating a chocolate bar."
00:33 : "The man sitting next to him looks over and says, "Eating that many chocolate bars is bad for you"
00:33 : "The boy looks over and responds, "My great grandfather lived to be one hundred and five"
00:33 : "The man replies, "And he ate that much chocolate?"
00:33 : "No" says the boy, "he minded his own :-)ing business"
june : "I've just logged on... ʴը"
june : "I've just logged off... º"
1005 : "I've just logged on... ʴը"
1005 : "i met her ar0und the c0rner she asked me f0r sex frankly in her r00m very cl0se t0 my h0use ! really pretty !"
1005 : "and an0ther yes much pretty ! she walked f0r me at the spa asking f0r training her as a masseuse i said yes she's g0t her thr0ugh0ut b0dy cl0tches 0f"
1005 : "the n we made it ! she's pregnant"
. : "I've just logged on... ʴը"