: " ѹ¹ ҹê蹷 仴Ҽ˭ԧ ͧ ҡ ˹ҵªԺ"
: " ԧҡСشա ١Ҽ˭ԧѹ͡"
: " չ Դԧ Ѵ Ѵ⧡ǵͧ "
: " ѹҹ ˹Ҵҹش Ѻѧ ͵"
: "»ѭ͹ ͺҤ äԵ ô价ءͧ ˹Ҵҹ"
konbah : "thank you and best luck to you with your life, career and"
konbah : "Choices, not chances, are responsible for the quality of our life. Spend time to think, reflect, introspect, and then choose"
konbah : "Being open is pretty cool. Just that some people will take you for granted. But is that your problem or theirs?"
konbah : "Life is not perfect, don't let your thoughts worsen it, there is always a place to find peace."
㹢Ǵ. : "I've just logged on... ʴը"
㹢Ǵ. : ".. "
: "I've just logged on... ʴը"