goat,t : "good host to them means pay all resturant bills..cry"
anatta : "lol it happens everywhere"
anatta : "they are your relatives exclaim"
goat,t : "yes but if not they will cook crazy thai foo with windows closed..cry"
anatta : "buy more mama"
goat,t : "i mean cry from the cooking fumes.....cry"
anatta : "don't you like thai food? lol"
anatta : "woahhh"
goat,t : "it's the fumes.....cry..I CAN"T BREATH........"
อ้วนตุ้ยคุ้ยรัก : "hey you guys make a cute couple"
anatta : "i bet, your place has cooker hood, yeah???"
อ้วนตุ้ยคุ้ยรัก : "look who just flew in from slam....in bevery hills"