Yunkee : "mr.goat is inlove"
Yunkee : "i smelled hippo breathspray"
Yunkee : "who is the lucky if u can have her in a nice way..kidnap her lol"
Yunkee : "alot thai drama..the leading actress r being raped by the leading actor before they falling in love lol..bad example...just for fun non sense comment"
Yunkee : "do not do it"
Yunkee : "forcing someone will is not love,but"
Yunkee : "movie is only for entertain and stimulate the mind..from boredom from doing routin stuff in everydya life"
Yunkee : "it is not to be taken as an example"
Yunkee : "movies is like some kind drug that we all been addicted too"
Yunkee : "cus we can't stand to be..the freaking monkey want us to do this or that..other while we feel..dull..bored,,just like chit chat"
jay : "yai jn yuck"
jay : "I've just logged off... บ๊ายบาย"